Event Rules and Guidelines

1.  Absolutley no drugs, alcohol or weapons of any sort are allowed in or on any event premises

2. You must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol whilst at the event

3. Food and liquids are not allowed in the venue

4. Smoking or vaping is not allowed whilst at the event or inside the venue

5. You must obey all security personnel and EZE staff

6. You must have a valid ticket to enter

7, If you are denied entry to the event, you must leave the premises immediately or further action may be taken. EZE entertainment is not liable for any costs incurred, including ticket reimbursement.

Breaching any of these rules may result in permanent ban from all events.

Please refer to the Event Terms and Conditions listed on our website (ezeent.com/terms) for more information or contact us at info@ezeent.com if any concerns arise.

General Event Policies

1. EZE Entertainment is not responsible for any property loss or damage. Please refrain from bringing items of high value.

2. You are liable for any damage you may cause to EZE Entertainment property, its venues, or its persons. CCTV camera systems are in use at all events.

3. By purchasing a ticket to the event, you have consented to a pat-down search (as described in the terms and conditions). Any contraband discovered upon this search will be confiscated and not returned.

4. If you are uncooperative with any EZE or Security staff, your emergency contact will be notified. If necessary, local authorities will be notified as well.

BAG POLICY: Only small purses, clutch, or fanny pack type bags smaller than 16.5cm x 11.5cm (6.5”x4.5”) are permitted

COAT POLICY: All coats must be checked at the event (if service is available). EZE Entertainment is not responsible for loss or damage to jackets.

Want to know more about our events? Read our event terms and conditions here: