Event Rules and Regulations

1. You give consent to the security team to perform a pat-down search. *Contraband will be confiscated at the door, this includes but is not limited to illegal drugs, weapons, and alcohol.

2. You accept that you must follow ALL instructions by the EZE Staff, and the security team. Failure to follow the instructions of these people will lead to removal and/or denial of entry to the event

a. If EZE Staff, or Security denies entry, or removes you from the event for breaking the rules, EZE Entertainment will NOT cover any costs of ticket price.

b. If EZE Staff, or Security denies entry, or removes you from the event, you will not be allowed to re-enter the venue for the remainder of the event.

c. If EZE Staff or Security denies entry or removes you from the event, you must leave the premises Immediately. If you are uncooperative, your emergency contact will be notified immediately.

3. YOU MUST be able to perform at the door activities such as showing your ticket and respecting our security.  

4. Intoxicated persons will NOT be allowed to enter the venue.

5. You are liable for any damage you may cause to any person, or property of EZE Entertainment or the venue. CCTV cameras are onsite recording at all times. Persons who do cause damage may be invoiced for any replacement/repair costs

6. EZE Entertainment is not liable for any stolen or damaged personal property at the event

7. Smoking & Vaping of any kind is extremely prohibited inside the venue. You agree that you will not smoke, vape, or participate in any drug related activity while inside the event venue. *Failure to do so will lead to immediate removal. 

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